Other benefits

  • Remarkable thermal insulation (read more),
  • lowest weight insulation - Aerogels are 90 - 97% air.
  • Aerogels enable natural convection and prevents condensation,
  • remarkable fire properties (read more),
  • Hydrophobicity (read more),
  • No reduction of performance under weight. At 1,034 bar pressure, it maintains more than 85% of its performance
Durability: Cryogel and Pyrogel are flexible materials that deform under compression. They have excellent bounce-back properties, even when exposed to compression forces up to 1000 psi, and they can resist high impact loads with no damage and no compromise in performance. This is unlike rigid insulation, which handles load with little to no deformation but is friable and susceptible to cracking. This creates thermal short circuits and paths for moisture intrusion. Rigid insulations also are at risk of breakage during shipping and installation, and while in service.
No reduction of performance through time, in moisture or bad weather - all aerogels are hydrophobic.